Poker is becoming very popular, and the final table of the WSOP which gave Daniel Negreanu his bracelet and title of player of the year in anybody's books, was huge for Brazil. Why? His heads up opponent was the young, very young and very talented Nicolau Villa-Lobos. In my teenage years I was a huge fan of his father, who happens to be the lead guitar player of the most successful rock band in Brazil to this date, Legião Urbana. His Father, Dado Villa-Lobos made history in music. His Now Nicolau is making history in sport with these fantastic poker results and I just became his fan as well.

He is not a one time lucky shot : his titles include great results at the UKIPT Edinburgh (1st), EPT Barcelona (18th), EPT London (13), that only mentioning live games, his online results are just as impressive.

There he is, facing the best poker player in the world in a heads up battle. Any poker player in the world would like to be in his shoes. Brazilian poker player have a new idol. Future Pokerstars team pro maybe? He certainly has the potential.

Most of you already noticed the poker boom in Brazil. You probably noticed it because you shared a table with some. The poker boom brings of course many new players, and players at the start of their career tend to think they know the game already. Like most people at the beginning, new players tend to be either too passive or too aggressive, show strange bet sizes, get sticky to the flop all the way to the river with second pair, bluff a huge river bet when it's obvious the opponent have the nuts, all these exploitable traits beginning players seem to all share in common. But do not assume a players behavior by their nationality. A lot of people make that mistake with the Russians but they simply dominate the game in many areas. So do not be too quick to judge a player by their nationality.

At the poker rankings in the various sites we see already several little avatar flags from Brazil rating indicating the highest rated players. The tendency is to increase that number. After black Friday with the absence of Americans in the game there should be a huge market right there in south america to be developed.

The second place of Nicolau Villa-Lobos brings a whole new wave of players with it, I am sure of that. Vamos pro jogo! Game on!