October is a big month to me, it marks the entrance of the Autumn, adding rainy and cold days and shades of grey to the landscapes. It is also the month when I have my birthday, around this time I am reminded that one more year passed by. Christmas will be here soon with warm family gatherings, New year's even will be arriving soon as well, with the well wishes and the resolutions.
I have to say I can't remember exactly what my last year resolutions were. It must have been something like: better time management, going to the gym more often, eating better and at regular times... At least I think those must have been among the resolutions, and I think that because those are the resolutions I would make right now. Meaning, I still have to work on my  time management, still need to exercise, still need to eat better! Will it ever change?

Changing habits seems to be really tough. Not impossible though: some of my old habits seem far away now. I used to smoke a few cigarettes a day, now it's reduced to zero. I also reduced drastically the amount of sugar and increased the amount of fruits and vegetables in my diet. I have never been overweight but was getting slow and tired, specially because of a shoulder injury which bothered me for about a year and a half so I couldn't sport. Now I feel much fitter.
One essential habit I am gradually worked on changing is timing my poker study with poker play. It's easy to play without a real purpose, just to sit there and  press buttons, it's much more difficult to have a strategy, stick to the plan, study your own game. So sometimes I have been taking the easy way, sometimes I have been taking the hard way.

This month of October I had reserved mostly to take a break and study poker, but it didn't really happen that way. I did study, yes, participated in many training's here at PSO, watched videos and such, but also opened some tables and played, mostly without a real plan, sometimes zoom tables, sometimes micro buy-in tourneys, STT's, just all over the place. My actions to follow up a strict schedule like the method suggest by poker pro André Akkari on his blog, lacked the one thing I need the most: discipline. Do I have discipline? Yes, I certainly do for most things in life. When it comes to poker though, do I have enough to follow up a strict schedule and stick to a demanding plan? Well, sadly, no. I am not going to be fooling myself and blogging to you guys here at PSO about strategies and plan if the one card, the one thing which is so important, seems to be still missing from my deck.

I have been browsing though and reading the blogs of many of the professionals in the sport I admire: André Akkari, Caio Pessagno, Ike Haxton, Adrienne Rowsome and many others. One thing that always gets mentioned in one form or the other: discipline, discipline, discipline. It is a fact that people who exceed at their jobs have a few things in common: they love what they do, they have talent, they have discipline to study and do it over and over and over again until they get it right.
How do you get discipline though? After doing some research on the subject, It seems to be a question of creating habits. I have to be working on it if I want any chance to ever becoming any good at poker, because frankly I am not a good poker player. Let me win a few hundreds of thousands of bucks than I can tell you otherwise. For now, I am basically a fish in development. Let me first work on my discipline.

The time vault project here at PSO has been helping me greatly to put things in perspective, for the first time I am tracking down my progress, reading back my early goals, comparing my actions and development with other members. It brings us closer together in a way.
Well, I consider my original ridiculous goal of “30 to 30.000” over and done. Not that I don't want to make 30.000, I want to make much more than that, but it's just not the right approach. My second and more realistic goal is simply to become a better poker player, and to follow a plan. The plan in that case is the method, which isn't really according to Akkari a method, but a suggestion on how to start based on his own humble beginnings. In my time vault thread I talk about that plan in detail.