You know those days you are not feeling emotionally very well, something went wrong or something is just the way it should be and it's exactly what bothers you... Well you are just not feeling very well for some reason, this is the day you will NOT play poker. Because it' means losing. 


The way I see it, in an ideal world, it would be completely possible to separate emotions from rational thinking and there would be a lot less accidents in the world. No panic. No stress. No tilt.

Having said that, September was an emotional month for me at a personal level. Nothing specially radical or grave happened, but many small things, leading to a less stable state of mind, and therefore leading to less time at the poker tables because I don't play when there is any kind of external factor affecting my concentration level.

When I played this month, I tried with some mild success to follow the directions of one of my biggest heroes in poker Andre Akkari . I divided my time for playing and studying about 50% for each in this stage and I tried to be as disciplined as possible with my game. Followed the fair share of poker traings here at PSO. September is a very attractive month with the WCOOP and all, I couldn't let that pass and played a sat to the round two freeroll, got the ticket finishing the touney 26th out of 16.000 people but wsn't able to play the round two (other family related appointments). The pokerstar support staff was very kind and allowed me to transfer the ticket so I tranfered it to one of my poker buddies, fellow PSOer Chillipops, who is doing quite well at MTT's lately. Chillipops didn't make it this time, next time better.

Lately have also read the very amusing book by Doyle Poker wisdom of a Champion  (it reads like a novel) which contains this checklist for before joining a poker game:

1- Have you had enough sleep? If NO, don't play.
2- Is there something else you'd rather be doing? If YES, don't play.
3- Are you feeling physically well enough to sit through a movie? If NO, don't play. When you have a headache or you'd be tired or fidgety in a theater, you probably won't play your best poker.
4- Are you mad at someone that's interfering with your concentration? If YES, don't play.
5- Are drugs, alcohol, or medication interfering with your logical thinking? If YES, don't play.
6- Are you emotionally upset? If YES, don't play. Fights with your wife or girlfriend are not healthy to your money clip. And most important:
7- Do you feel you're going to win? If NO, don't play. Give credibility to your hidden feelings. Your subconscious mind might be analyzing things you're not aware of.

Thank you for reading and good luck at the poker tables.