Poker is a game of people. At the other side of the screen, there is a person somewhere pressing buttons. I think some players, myself included, tend to sometimes forget that aspect, and rely too much on the math and on their HUDs to provide the necessary info  to take the best decisions. It becomes a multi-table autopilot.  After using a HUD for a couple of months now, I have accumulated a database of at least 100 gigabytes of information about these players.  After a couple of months at the 2nl, 5nl and 10nl zoom tables using a HUD you can pretty much identify all the regs and some of their tendencies.


But how reliable is that information? The auto-note function of Pokertracker 4 is a very exciting feature: you'll get a note such as "called an all-in with J2s" or " donks flop with top pair and no draw" which gives you an idea of the kind of player you have at your table. But how about the situation? What if the player holding J2s was the BB calling a 3BB stack in a sit and go? What if the player donking the flop with top pair was defending a steal from a LAG who is aggressive pf but  tends to fold to a donkbet? How about the vpip/pfr stats? 60/0 indicates a whale, but it might not remain a whale for the rest of his life and bad players are entitled also to have good hands and eventually play them well.

People change. Players become better, situations change, the typical 40/40 maniac stats you have on a player might be because you have those stats from a micro turbo rebuy tournament, but it will not be the same when meeting this same player at a different situation, say in a deep stack slow structure, or even at the same rebuy tournament after the rebuy and add on period is over.

It is also a fact that many solid winning players, including team online members, do not even use a HUD while playing.

I am trying to learn to trust my instincts and the reads at the table at the moment the game is going on. I am trying to use the right amount of intuition, math and logic. Having said that, deleting the HUD database from time to time might be a good idea in order tto keep myself sharp. So goodbye 100 gigabytes of info, welcome new and fresh database. Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables!