The sun outside is shinning bright, children of the neighbourhood are playing in the park, neighbours are making a barbecue, this typical Sunday afternoon. I am taking it easy on the couch while my LP player plays and old record, with the clicks and clacks I love, some old blues. Sunday is a great grinding day, the server counts more than 100.000 people and some of the more attractive poker tournaments available anywhere.

I had a good healthy breakfast, feel relaxed, feel good.   Later I'll be playing the PSO series main event and try to seriously take it down.  It's going to be very difficult of course since there are so many good players involved. Now just taking my time to make some statistical analysis with the PT4 tools on my 2nl, 5nl and 10nl zoom adventures. And when I say adventures, I really mean adventures, since I am using my own method to have some experience at 10nl without having to spend  the $10 dollars buy in, but entering the 10nl table with 2$. How? Simple. Well in one session of 2nl I bring the $2 to $5, bring this $5 to a 5nl table, double it up and then buy in the $10 to the 10nl table. This is because I want more experience playing higher stakes in a safer way. I can play more relaxed, with the feeling that I beat already two levels and adapting my strategies from the 2nl to the 5nl to the 10nl. I stay as long in a table as I double or triple it up and then quit, or when I lose the buy in, which in case I go down all the way to 2nl. This helps me get HUD information on players at these levels, helps me play with my mind at ease, without worrying about the BR. Just sitting back, relaxing, and trying to make good decisions. I am playing it almost in a meditative state.

The month of June has been very good, I went from nothing to something, growing my stack to $150. I had three nice cashes of in the 1,10 re-buy tournaments, as well as some progress at the zoom tables. In these adventures, I came across some  pretty, pretty hands, some luck plays and specially many profitable spots. Will keep this pace up, combining zoom with MTT's and doing my best to stay focused.