Recently I have read the news that one of the poker players for which I have great respect, the Brazilian team online player André Akkari has been asked to give lessons on a special discipline at the university, about sports science on the process of decision making. It seems to me, nothing more fair then ask a pro poker player how to take fast, effective, high risk decisions. 


The decision game, we play that each and every moment of our life. Do I get up now or press the 'snooze' button in the alarm clock? Do I take breakfast in a hurry and risk arriving late to work because I pressed the button? How about not going to work at all? All the choices we have to make daily have consequences in itself and the information we have help us take them.

Funny how it works in poker. We take many decisions per minute, and almost each one of them bear big consequences. Which buy in to play, which structure, which type of game and specially the decisions within the game. There is a world of difference between home games and online poker, a world of difference between buy-in levels and a world of difference in skill level among players.  So much information. 

One piece of information which comes from practice and experience: there will be variance. Playing turbo's? There will be more variance. Playing microstakes turbo's? There will be even more variance! Having the feeling I took the right decisions and YET lost the game is OK one time, two times, three times, ten times, not every time. In microstakes, I learned the wrong way, it can take an awful long time before making the final tables and the serious cash. This year I have made too few, and this month of May has been the worst month so far. 

I am back where I started, with two valuable assets though: knowledge and experience. So let's hope with this knowledge I will keep slowly and surely making my way up in levels and hopefully by the end of the year I will be a much better poker player with a suitable bankroll.

Next summer will be full of important decisions: I will be moving to another city, start another job, maybe even another carrier. I will have less time to play poker, so the hours I play will have to be very well planned. Participating in the Time Vault Promotion has helped me so far with many aspects of the game and I will keep the learning curve raising, the logic is, the bankroll curve will follow it naturally. Except of course for this abominable word: variance.