We are in the middle of the month of May and it is still too soon to talk about the balance of one month, but I am hoping for something very different to happen with the last 15 days. So far it has been very bad. So I still have 15 days to make it profitable and worth of my time.

Variation is an ugly word. If you play well, you expect good results. It is unavoidable in microstakes SNG, my main occupation for these first two weeks, and the graph has been going the wrong direction: buy-ins without itm positions, too many on them. I lost about $30 in buy-ins for turbo's. This made my in built-in alarm bells ring, and stopped again to analyse my game. "Stop it, whatever you're doing is not working", sounded the alarms loudly in my head. So I stopped for some analysis with PT4 leak tracker, exported the Play History Audit from the pokerstars server to see exactly what happenend. 

At this moment I am dragging myself to finish writting this blog, because I am very upset to have damaged my bankroll from 300 to 100 in just one month. It is supposed to go up! I am worried. I had a few significative victories, a few final tables in SNG, a first place in the 2,50 180 man, but still not often enough.

May the month of May (I am sure this sounds awful for native speakers) bring new winds of learning and profit on the tables. For now, I am leaving you with one of my favorite 'poker' songs.