180 fury


It has been quite some time ago since I made a final table at the 2,50 180 man, tonight i finally managed to get among the last 9 and took the 1st place down, which is pretty cool for a beginner like me. Thank you Chris "ChewMe1" for your workshops specific for these 180 man tourneys! I have enjoyed the live trainings, watched a ton of video's, and somehow a part of it must have been imprinted on me. Than gives my bankroll a nice boost, I was starting already to be worried when today i passed the mark of paying for 69 MTT's and SNG's without cashing anything expressive in any of them. Except for payed tounaments my other nice result this past month was 23rd place at the Big bang as I said in the last post. Finally some compensation! 

Rich men on tilt

69 MTT's and SNG's prior to that final table means I have played a lot of hands, many hours, with zero results. Which can be frustrating to say the least. So I am there just minding my own business in a big field MTT playing a TAG/ almost nitty game of 12/12 and haven't been playing for a long time, raise my AKo 2,5 BB from mid position and.... Villian shoves back with J7s. Or calls with 68o. Or 3 bets with JTo. Or goes all in with 84o.

I can't help to think about risk, in any other situation in life. If you translate that kind of movement  to a life situation where you are fisically present, would you still do it? If you need to cross a busy street, do you wait for the red light or do you just start to walk regardless of car movements? What if somebody tells you have a 90% chance of getting hit by a car if you cross it, would you still do it? Well if you're answer is yes then you would shove a 40 BB stack with J7s against a nitty player. I can think of two situations a person can do that:

1) They are rich and they don't care about losing their money.

2) They are on tilt.

This kind of player make microstakes MTT's really tough because they eventually do make their miracle hand and leave your AA KK QQ AKs pf favorite knocked out with broken teeth on the corner of the boxing ring. 

There are so many examples but I'll post this one here to illustrate this recognizable situation...

Study Break

I will stop playing for a while to review my game, read another poker book and watch some video's. From now untill the end of the month there are 10 days, which I will dedicate to study. Among the subjects I want to review are: 

Bankroll management;

Analysis of leaks;

Lagging up strategies to turbo MTT's;


180 man strategies;

Statistics and self analysis in general.

Thanks for reading and good luck at the tables!