April started this year with having a good time with friends in the park, barbecue, going outside for walks a lot more often, making my way slowing into having a social life again after a long winter of hot coffee and movies.

I was very happy to get my second Big Bang ticket, I almost missed it actually, when I came home from a walk outside it was already running for almost an hour. My stack wasn't eaten out by the blinds yet so I could switch the TAG mode and made my way to the cash and 23rd place, $30. Nice! I was happy with my play untill a point where I almost left the tounament with a silly bluff with no showdown value at all, lost more than half my stack. Really not happy about that play. I don't even dare to post the hand here, that's how embarrassing that was. But nevertheless, came back in the game by switching the push or fold button turning a 10 BB stack into a 30 BB and then switching back to a regular TAG play. 

Here in Holland they have a say "April doet wat hij wil" (April does what he wants) meaning it can be any kind of weather in April, it may be sunny, it may be 26 degrees, it may snow, it may rain the whole month, it's almost like God is playing microstakes tournaments with the weather, growing and shrinking the stack all the time.

Except for the Big Bang and some microstakes Sit & Go tourneys I haven't been any lucky in MTT's lately, it's hard enough to play a very big field, even harder when people call your raises with any draw- anything really- 97o, 35o, J8s and make the flush, the straight, the full house, the trips, the quads, the whatever hand that beats your AA-KK-QQ-JJ-AKs-AK raising range. Let's hope for better, sunny poker weather and some major cash so I have something concrete to brag about .

Good luck at the tables and let's have something worth celebrating soon!