When it comes to trying out things which I haven't done before, my natural tendency is to choose for the new instead of the known, the adventure as opposed to security. But we are talking about things like trying out a new dish or going to a new vacation destination. Not about money investiments yet, before I put any money in any kind of poker situation I like to prepare myself very well beforehand. 

So I decided to take part in the Omaha workshops here at PSO, with Omaha specialists for an introduction to the Game. Exciting! Prior to that if anybody asked me about Courchevel, I would have no clue what they are talking about, sounds like a fancy french dish to me "I'll have the Courchevel with lobster sauce, please" But in no time after the workshop I was sharing a Courchevel  table with PSO members and playing no one less that world class Omaha player Adrienne "Talonchick " in a session. Even won a huge hand against her, pure dumb luck by the way. Didn't record as you can't record play money tables, so you have to take my word for it. Oh, play money of course.  

Omaha is great. I am for sure going to get more informed about Pot Limit Omaha and give it a try for some variation when I feel comfortable. In the meantime, try to improve my game at NL Hold'em.

Last 10 days haven't been any good to me in terms of Poker winnings, if you count VPP's then I guess I got enough to not lose Chrome Status, which is the same as saying "my team lost the game, but at least they burned calories". I didn't lose a significant part of my bankroll, but lost some instead of winning some, which is never good. I have been playing too many high variance games, Turbo MTT's and SNG's, the 2,50 180 man turbo's. I am taking a break from Turbo's, seriously, don't want to be bringing a TAG knife to a LAG gunfight.