I have just played a few more hands in those huge MTT's, not cashing in any of them but getting pretty close, as usual. I have to get rid of the habit of getting a huge stack and then losing it before the bubble, which happens quite often. I know the bubble is often overrated, but it would be nice not to get crushed by AK when shipping my QQ when first to act for a change. I always seem to die with two ladies by my side. 



March has started with a Big Bang, literally, as I enhanced my poor little bankroll of a modest 30 to a smiley 500. Now it says 395, but don't worry I didn't donate the 100 US$ to REGs playing high stakes, I cashed out 100 to invest in a new HUD. 

In the first days I was really enthusiastic about Poker Tracker 4. As soon as I installed it, the first test was to play the 10 cents 360 man, just to test the HUD really, but I went all the way to final table and second place, which is a nice way of transforming 10 cents into 4 dollars, but still not worth the hours playing.  Since today, I have been struggling with glitches all day long and turning the HUD on and off a few times "in the heat of battle" which can be distracting. I don't know if that has to do with my completely ignorance of its full features, my version of PostgreSQL or the HUD is just having a bad hair day.

I had made a plan to follow to my bankroll from 30 to 100, but I didn't expect I'd reach 500 any time soon, and now I am not sure on how to proceed. Observing most really good players have a specialization in a certain type of tournament, MTT, SNG or cash games, I have been wondering where to focus. How to adapt my game strategy to fit a certain structure? I like the STT's, the Fifty50, the 90 man's SNG and specially, I love the 180 man SNG. The 2,50 180 man fit my bankroll, so I think I'll be grinding them like there's no tomorrow. Adding some big field MTT's to it. No cash tables yet, when I reach a higher level I'll have myself study that with more precision. I like cash tables as well, of course, especially when there's some generous person playing LP, calling raises and folding c-bets, but I'll wait with that as I want to specialize in the 180 man SNG and get my MTT play sharpened.

That means the man I should be looking for guidance here inside PSO is Chris "Chewme1". I'll fanatically watch each and every 180 man video here on PSO and make it a habit to attend his classes whenever possible.