It was really great to have the chance of playing the Big Bang, thank you PSO for that! The great thing about this tourney is the small field in relation to the prizes, really good. It has been a pleasure to share a table with many PSO members during this WBCOOP and the Big Bang, having some friendly chat during the game with sportive, respectful people. I love that.


Poker manners

Usually in other enviroments it's not as friendly and somebody always end up saying something stupid about your mother in Spanish, Russian or whatever.

I do not really understand what people want to accomplish with that. Pure frustration? Trying to put the other on tilt? Specially when they leave after you crush them out of their chips. I think "GG" is quite enough. Even when I lose a hand to a super goofy play by a very weak player, I like to congratulate the guy, at least he'll think he's playing well. You don't want to tell the LP they are fish, you want them to stay fishy. Typically I do not chat, though,  I keep the info tab open instead to monitor the blind levels, average stack, closeness to the bubble, stuff like that. 

I like to be aggressive. With my chips, that is. If we are at the same table and you have a smaller stack than me, shoving your 3BB stack from the button against my 15BB stack in the BB I will call you with ATC. No doubt about that, because by folding I am doubling your stack already. And if you are in front of me I will raise you with a wide range. No mercy for small stacks.

Being verbally agressive, though, is just not interesting and does not achieve anything.


Big Bang FT

As an update to the quest: really nice win at the Big Bang, made it last table and third place, giving my bankroll a big boost of 500+. That gives me some tranquility to keep grinding the 1 US$ 90 man SNG and add some microstakes MTT to that, not higher than 2 US$ buy in. I am following a conservative BR management of 100 x max buy in... but I am treating this 500 as if it's 5 different units of 100.

In the Big Bang it worked out well to give my game some variance according to the occasion, playing initially a very tight game and adapting that in other tables as the blinds go up, not being shy about pf all in when first to act in some spots specially againt smaller stacks. "Be like water" as I stated in my time vault entry.


Great example

I am looking forward to playing the WBCOOP main event later today! I see that talonchick is playing it! She is just about the maximum I can think of in terms of a very intelligent poker player who is a winner and also friendly. Beautiful from inside and out. Seems to be a really sweet person.
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