Last weekend I went to pay a visit to my girlfriend's grandmother, who is almost 90 years old and one of the last remaining war heroes of the resistence during the WW2. She has a very bright memory and can easily remember vivid, filmic situation from her difficult youth. I got into a conversation with her about financials, the importance of having money x quality of life, the meaning of life, philosophical questions. She was very clear and simple: it's just much easier to be sitting on a big pile of cash. 

What goes for life, goes for poker in that case: it's easier to live with a big pile of cash. It gives you more choice, it gives you less pressure. You can lay back and think about your trajectory, smell the flowers, take your time to feel the sun rays on your face and then move on. Having said that, managing a small stack is a case of double it or leave. Or is it not? Well not if you're holding A6 in the button, SB is the big stack, BB has to ship ATC.