It's a learning experience, this project of 30 to 30.000, and hey, it's a hard one. First and foremost, is it possible? Can I prove it is possible? Well, not if my already small bankroll can't take a downswing. First from 20 to 50, then on a steady line all the way to... zero. In one day. Does it mean I am a fish who thinks he's a hero? A bad poker player? Or was a 30 US$ too low? Was I better off buying 3 pizza's with the same money?

Well the fact is, I busted. As I stated in my time vault project, case I lose the original 30 I will deposit 100 and take it from there, with a proper bankroll management. 

But first, I will post here the 5 last hands of all the STT's and tourneys I played and open for discussion, that way I can learn something from you guys. After I post all the 24 tourneys I played and hopefully get some feedback from you I will go on with poker playing. For now I stop to think, review hands, study the Grayson "Spacegravy" series on STT and the Tyler "Frosty012"'s bankroll series, get some specific feedback if I'm lucky from my poker heroes Dave "The Langolier" and André "Horror77". 

In a serie of 24 posts in this blog I will expose myself to your (constructive) criticism

The rest of february will be education only. At the end I will deposit the 100 bucks and take the poker adventure from there.

Tourney #1