STT's grind

This start of February I have been playing almost exclusively the fifty50 turbo STT tables. Had a nice upswing from 20 to 55 and again down to 30, which leaves me only with VPP's and the feeling "I should have done better" but then again I think those swings are quite normal because I can't really performa a decent bankroll management with a start BK of 30 bucks. I have specially observed a lot: Opened tables without playing only to identify the regs and make notes. I spent some hours only doing that without playing. 

In this hand here, the guy in SB is a regular LAGgish player with a VPIP of 38. This is the reason I decide to call his defense push. Statistically, I did have a small edge: QQ 54.117% against his AKs 45.883%. But the poker Gods are not always in favor of the Math science.

I don't know if I should always shove QQ against the LAGgish player in the SB, seems logic to me, what do you think?