In the quest from 30 to 30.000, I'll be posting regularly the developments in this blog and I ask you, reader, to express your opinion about them. 

To be clear, I named this quest "30 to 30.000" because I have the (obviously) intention to bring 30 US$ to 30.000 in the year of 2013. The main objective is the process itself, to become a better player, to be aware of my choices, strategies, decisions. 

Most people would say it's impossible or unrealistic. For me it's mainly a way of setting my goals high, pushing my own limits.

Some major bad moves

I participated in many freerolls the last two or three days, getting into some bad spots against fairly bad players (the type who will pf shove any king or ace). Also participated in the pokerschool league tournaments, busting twice exactly in the bubble, which is just about the worst thing you can do in these tournaments. My bankroll went from 35 to 19, and i was mad with myself fro taking some poor decisions.

Tilt management

I notice my first automatic reaction to a bad move was to try to "go after it" by LAGging my game, which is plain stupid, so I did not do it and instead just didn't play. I am happy I had the discipline to do that. Now just playing my regular TAG game in STT's I brought those 19 back to 25 and take it from there.

Opinion on a hand

I would like the opinion of you guys in this hand, which I called because I somehow din't believe the guy, but it's a spot where he easily could have beaten me, as he was representing either the KKK or the flush. Would you guys make this call? I think I shouldn't have, maybe.