From now on untill December  the end of each month I make a full analysis of my bankroll swings. Not happy about his January: too many swings. In january I also played quite a few big rebuy field MTT's which are deadly for a poor man's economy.

Poker Balance

Freeroll rampage

Sticking to the 2013 goals might be the better idea, so MTT's going to wait unless... I'ts free. So I played today, for the sake of exercise, all freerolls I could lay my hands on. 

Problem with freerolls is, it's for free, and the chances of sitting in the table with Vladmaniac Allinsky are much higher. Specially in the first levels. I didn't cash anything, except for a 30c win at the 11.000 + players privilege freerolls. So you have this kind of play all the time.


League rankings

Also took a shot at Premier League qualifiers, making a "bubble boy" role, which was really, really bad... But increased my hanking a bit. Don't know what I am going to do with it yet, have to get better informed about the League rules.