Hi all,


I decide to create this blog today to keep my progress on the very difficult - some would say close to impossible-  quest of growing a bankroll from a modest 30 US$ to 30.000 in one year. Well I am setting the goals pretty high for myself. Inspired by the Time Vault campain I will make of this 2013 goal a big learning experience, hopefully bringing my poker play to a much higher level. 

June 2012 I had the chance of having a tournament analysed by Dave The Langolier, in the Big Stack Series. It was a beginner level, overly aggressive style I was applying and I am working to improve my play since then. There are some interesting spots there, in the context of managing a big stack in big field MTT. You can check it out to have an idea of how I used to play and how I am planning to change it.

Here is part one: http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Stack-Size-Series-20-80-Bigs

Here is part two: http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/articles/Stack-Size-Series-20-80-Bigs-Part-2

I appreciate your feedback on the coming posts and development from now all the way to December. I'll be playing plenty of ring tables, Sit and Go's and big field MTT's.

A Fistful of 30 Dollars!