So I've played about 180 games by now, and my roll has increased just by 5$ so far, not the best of starts. Had to add some 1$ 45-man and 1.5$ KO reg speed yesterday, just to get enough volume, the 1.5$ turbos don't fill up fast enough in the morning here.  Had a nice profit in the 45-mans, 69% ROI in the reg speed (16 games), and 11% in the turbos (80 games), but the 90-man was a disaster so I will leave them out later.
A little bit about how I play my sessions; I feel that 5 or 6 hours is the maximum I can play without a longer break. The 45-man are great because there's a 5 min break every hour so I can grab a coffee, snack, take a leak or whatever. I have a 27'' screen for the tables, and a 22" for the lobby and wordpad. Sometimes I dont have time to make notes on a player before I bust, so I use wordpad for this. Then I can make a note if I come across that player again. I like to play 15-18 tables simultaneously, with less I get bored, with more I get stressed. 
Next session won't be until monday, c u later.