I'm an amateur poker player starting a blog here for fun. I will be playing 45-man Turbo sngs starting out with a bankroll of 240$, and playing the 1.5$ 45-mans. I hope some of you will follow my blog as I try to grind my way up the stakes, the goal is to be grinding the 15$ 45-mans at the end of the year.
I will follow a nitty Bankroll Management, having 120 BIs before I can move up the stakes. This means I'll need 420$ before I can play the 3.5$ and so on. Hopefully I will have about 2000$ at the end of the year.
All bonuses will go into my bankroll, until I reach my goal. At the moment I have 700 Fpps, and are 3500 Vpps from a 50$ bonus.