Hi PSO'ers my name is Steve and I've been playing recreationally for around 9 years unsuccessfully and it's time to change that! I first played the game at a caravan park on holiday with my friend and his parents when I was maybe 10 years old and thought it was really complicated and didn't care much for it (5card draw).Fast forward 15 years and a work colleague reintroduced me to the game. He brought in a promotional booklet from a UK pokersite which was well presented explaining all the different game types and some very basic strategy. This got me excited and I rushed home to open my first free account there.I started off playing play money SNG's and was winning a fair few of them. I even remember an opponent asked why I was on the play money tables as I was good so obviously played for cash too. I denied it but he didn't believe me.


For the next week I sat in my boring call centre job that I detested counting down the minutes waiting for my shift to end so I could get home to play poker.I was hooked.Now this site also ran freerolls.The first time I entered was my first ever MTT and I came 2nd for $292!! I was elated and remember waking my girlfriend up at 2am to tell her I was so excited.Thinking about it now my play was probably awful.I remember at the final table being berated constantly by a player saying I should be calling the shorties all ins.If I recall correctly I had a big chip lead and sat back letting them knock each other out.This same player player ended up winning obliterating me heads up.It was my first time ever heads up and I was way too tight.I withdrew $192 bragging to my friend who introduced me how good I was and left $100 as a bankroll.I knew nothing of bankroll management,played cash for the first time 25nl mainly and blew it quickly.I subscribed to poker player magazine (now no longer published) and entered all their monthy freerolls across various sites but not depositing.My friend played these too and I recall him finishing 4th in one when the top 2 got to play live on TV for some big money, so unlucky! Maybe if he had of made the top 2 he'd still be playing today as he no longer does.

After around 6 months my birthday was coming up and so was the UK amateur poker championship event in my hometown of Newcastle.My girlfriend bought me Harrington on Hold em's books and paid for my entry.Stupidly I didn't read the books before hand only bits and pieces and this proved costly.I outlasted more than half the field as well as my friend but was card dead for a long time.I finally shoved 88 from mid position and was called with QQ.The poker gods were kind with an 8 on the flop as I crippled my opponent.I busted not long after although I don't recall with which hand but since then 88 has always had a special place in my heart.It was a great experience and I even got to meet the legend Tony Kendall who was officiating the event.

I continued to play on and off for years making small deposits without much success or volume. My lifetime VPP's are only 2478 lol. I would do well at SNG's then donk it off playing MTT's but never really got into cash due to being a nit.The thought of losing money directly from my bankroll on one hand didn't appeal to me much.It was being such a nit that lead to some success playing DON's which I really enjoyed and suited my tight style until they unfortunately were abolished.

Ok, enough of my background as I'm even boring myself!  As the title says I'm going to pour my energies into qualifying for the premier league this month.I've only really played the open once before and was doing well before tailing off at the end of the month and not being able to play anywhere near the volume of games as some others.Due to life circumstances I now have very little money so cannot boost my bankroll but have something a lot more valuable, time! I've got all the time in the world now to learn,play and improve so the only thing stopping me really is me.So firstly my goal is to do well this month in the Open league to boost my bankroll and try to get into the premier!

Statistics:Bankroll $14.32 FPP's:525 Tickets School passes 1x Weekly round 2 freeroll League rank:584 Points:1791.50

I achieved Chromestar the last 2 months and this was really useful bankroll wise as I could play the 100K freerolls but only made 33VPP last month so didn't make it unfortunately.My bankroll is mainly from promotions recently such as $10 from the spin n go challenge and 3 cashes from the all in shootouts.I also scratched a free common cents kickoff ticket and cashed for $1.10 etc.It feels good to get free money other than time invested to boost that roll!

My league stats are from yesterday before any games played.I only played 2 games and had a disastrous day, busted with my AKo 1st hand in one v AJo and again with AKo a bit deeper in another v A8s and think I've lost about 20 points in total so not a good day.I've since read some strategy here in the forums and now realise I should have folded both hands although it's hard to do with the junk you see flying around and you know you're way ahead mostly.

I have no idea at the moment what to play with my roll as I need to get 20VPP for either next months open or hopefully pemier.There's no way I'll be able to get 150VPP at the moment. I'll probably play $0.50 turbo 9man SNG's as the only thing lower are $0.25 MTTSNG that look like they take forever or the $0.10 360 man crapshoots.I also plan to try and get two weekly round 2 freeroll tickets per week, I managed it last week played one round 2 final and cashed for another free dollar, every little helps to boost that roll.I'll probably play all the common cents series left also, cashed all I've played in so far until yesterday when I busted both.I've found late regging them successful though giving 15BB and a chance, usually 1 double and you min cash.

If you've made it this far I admire your tenacity! Sorry it was a bit long but needed to get it all out there before I start.I appreciate any advice,tips,feedback or support!

Good luck at the tables may the poker gods answer your prayers,

Mr Carps