Been a week to 10 days of steady treading water for me at between 1800 and 1835 points. Late last week it was a couple/three early outs when getting donk called and sucked out on when I was holding monster starters(I do have a tendency to push hard with AA and KK  early as I know that an all-in shove will most likely get a donk to come along,and usually accomplishing my first objective when holding one of these hands---make it an ISO hand).

This week it's just been a run of cold cards and some serious(6-8% of flops seen) Nit play to get to,or near the bubble. Quite a few +/- 2-6 point games in here.

Well today I finally let my frustration get the better of me on the table when I 4x bet my pocket 9's at the 620 mark from 3rd position. That was'nt the goof,that came when after QQ3 hit and I bet another 300 I did'nt buy the re-raise from my opponent (SB BTW) and said "The Hell with this" and re-raised myself all-in. Big surprise he turned over a Q. He called me with Q7 off. A donk call against the player showing by far the tightest profile on the table. I would say so,yeah. But by far the worst play in the hand was mine. I knew I was beat and frankly was so frustrated by this time that I really could'nt be bothered with trying to grind out some type of not too awfl result with just the 835 chips i would have had left if I had laid the hand down. Conversley I got exactly what I got exactly what I deserved at that point. An early out.

Lesson learned,or maybe better put,lesson hopefully pounded (finally) into my dunder-head.

Never,never,say "The Hell with this" at a poker table. Most likely you will get exactly what you asked for.............