basically i began my poker carreer at the age of 9, playing poker with my dad and my mates. I won more than i lost as i had a natural shit stirring ability which enables me to whind people up to the point of erratic play.
As soon as i turned 18 i began my online poker life, averaging 5 hours a day for a solid 15 months.
at that time i was pulling around $670 out each week. I was living comfortable as i was also working during this time.
eventually i became heavily addicted and started throughing away huge amounts of money.
my largest loss was $2400 on pokerstars, $1300 at the casino and $400 at a high stacks pub entry all in one week.
currently i am 23 years old and studying to become a personal trainer. I live with my girl friend, her 14 yr old brother, 16 year old sister and her mother on a quiet country section.
To anybody willing to sponsor me i would be very willing to show my skills in a one on one game or a tournement or sng of your choice.
thank you.