It all started in the fall of 2005. I watched WPT from Finnish tv and started grinding freerolls. Managed to grind a small roll but lost it playing drunk in too big cash tables. Then I got my first book and foud a promo where I could get free money to play. I aquired the free money from at least four sites and finally got on the roll. Now I'm still on that way.
But as things go differently as planned, I have to start from the scratch again. I haven't have the time or the energy to play this spring. I had pretty good January, but just downhill from there. Therefore I decided to do at least one good thing and cashout almost all my poker bankroll. I bought myself a really good laptop. The kind of that last for years. At least I hope so.
So now I'm back at the start where I have something like $50 in the bankroll all together and try to make it back to the midstakes again. I did play NL400 one night while hunting the whale and it still shows green in PokerTracker. Most of my hands are played at NL100 & NL50, but now I'm back at NL2 and freerolls.

But I'm positive that I'll rise again. I have the mental side under control as usual and I know what it takes to grow the bankroll from zero to ten kilos.