I actually had no idea PokerStars offered these videos, plus they're free which is a great price   So many videos to choose from, but I started off with "Heads Up" by Spacegravy.

I play a lot of heads up SnGs.  I used to play the regular turbo games, but now I'm playing more hyper-turbos, so this video had a lot of tips and strategy that I can implement into my game.

Space talks about using a HUD.  I'm not sure if I want to invest in one yet, but he also did highlight the importance of note taking, which I currently do.

This video taught me to increase the starting hands I raise with. I learned that just min-raising preflop with hands like Q3 work a lot of the time , but also to fold facing a 3 bet in certain situations.  Just constantly min-raising instead of making bigger raises looks like a good strategy. Another tip was to shove when your opponent has less than 10bbs. I really like this tip which I will definitely try out. 

I should note that Space was running extremely well in almost all of the games he played, so it would have been nice to see how to comeback from a shortstack to win, but maybe that's covered in other videos, which I'll have to check out.   But still a great helpful video, which will hopefully improve my heads up game.  Thanks Spacegravy!