i dont know much bout blogging but someone said it might help me feel a little better to get this down . i started at the poker school last year and was hoping to learn from it but all i found was that it looked like some cheated just so they could get a few pennies. just how can anybody be serious bout learning if you have to go up agaisnt others who have a mind just to play anything without even a thought of what it is costing the player with a hand. say u flop a king high flush in the first 4 cards and the OTHER player has nothing but a ace to the flop with 3 card flush and goes on and puts me all in with that and chases the river and  HITS , wow wtg vnh good job, really can i just say kiss my ....... anyways the heck with blogging  once again i realize i cant play and learn how to play at pokerstars with these odds against me. thank god i can play at casinos and not run into this crap. and NO blogging doesnt help i still cant scream at a computer and expect to get a response dang it.