Back again with another trial @ error....Playing a $30 buy in cash (home game) and the  table is 10 players and I'm behind  the dealer button with pocket 3's   and the blinds are 50 cent and a dollar (my stack is $80 after 2 in a half hours,lol) ; 2 (loose players called)  players called, I raised $2 more dollars to make it $3...Three players called (including the 2 loose players)....Flop comes 3 diamond's, 10 0f clubs and a 8 of clubs....I'm thinking to myself  (FU!@!@, I floped trips with the flush draw of clubs on the board, 2 loose players check and I'm next to act...What should I do????   Two loose players ih the hand with  a flush draw...HMMMM .....And there is one more player last to act......By now the pot is $12 , so I fired $10  at em , foled, call, call....Turn card , another club!@!!@@!@!@   Stop right there.......Should I have fired 3 times more what was in the pot if I knew there was loose players in the hand or should I have slowed played it....Well, I slowed played it and the turn card gave me another club, Loose player fires $20 the other loose player calls!!,lol.....I foled...River, another club...Both loose players were all in at that point.....One had K-8 of clubs and the other A-7 clubs......Or rewind that whole picture, should I have just smoothed called pre-flop and see what the flop brings me...  How would u have played them???   Any one with poker I-Q , let me know....The monster k79