Just droping some thoughts about the game here that I might use in some future writings... kind of 10 advices to improve your play, out of which most are usually ignored by beginners, even when they are aware of them or at least know those.

And kind of reminder to myself when running bad due variances (or bad play? bad discipline?).

No qoutes form other pepole, just catching myself thinking loudly and explaining my neigbours over the morning coffee basic poker mechanics .... Mostly familiar staff, but tring to do proper/exact wording that i didnt hear it before.... excercise.Not to be taken as granted or edited/finished. Work in progress.

Since I play tournaments 90% of my time, I had in mind tournament play primary.

1. Poker is a game in which both skill and luck respectively are a necessary but not sufficient condition for winning.

2. Knowing basic probabilities is a must, but you need to trust to your reading on opponent even if it looks like it is against the odds. (someone call it instinct, but esentially - believe in your instincts is actually subconcenques reading combined with experience)

3. Preflop is just a preflop. Just a single phase in the poker. The fact that it is the first action doesnt make it more important of any phase in the rest of the hand. Do not overvestimate you preflop cards, do not overvalue them. Fold whenever you realize that you are beaten, at any moment, no matter how strong you were preflop or during later streets. Of course, having in mind pot odds and, again, reading on your opponent.

4. Respect the position - don't rape, go smooth. Mellow. But also, USE the position. Dont be afraid to use it agressivelly.

5. Know WHEN to steal. When it becomes meaningfull to start. When to stop. and then when to start again. And then finally to stop.

6. Last two items took me directly to the table image. Especially in the (Premier) League(s)/ Leaderboards,amongst the regulars in SNGs or up to 400-500 field regular tournaments (500 CAP, daily bigger stakes etc)

TO BE CONTINUED.... and edited.