We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.
Jesse Owens

There is a luck in poker, but then again a lot of that "luck' is partially predfined by self dicipline.




One of the most important things in playing on-line Holdem MTT, at least in avoiding being a donk is self-discipline. I have been fortunate enough to manage finding a way to gain it fairly quick.

The answer is simple – you are looking at it. Just look for the link straight above you.

PSO Leagues!

One can guess this is about to be the bragging blog. I am not going to argue that, just hope not to be boring, but beyond that, it is my intention is to share an experience in order to help your further development.

It is aiming especially beginners with some basic knowledge of poker. When I say basic knowledge, it means that it is a bit above recognizing hands. In order to be the perfect target of this, you should be somewhere in a stage when you can tell the range of your opponents, knowing basic percentages, “2-4 rule” etc. It goes without saying, passing the PSO quizzes already is a must.

So, I began my poker experience back in early 2000s with terrible losses in live cash tables. It went way too far. It was just a gambling, but one thing I realized – I am gambling, they are not. I knew that I don't know the game.

That's when I decided to study this game.

I knew I have what it takes to start - just a bit above 90 IQ, basic knowledge of maths, like multiplying by two and four, recognizing shapes next to numbers and basic understanding of “I know that I know nothing” Socrates wisdom.

Unfortunatelly, at the time, I didn't pay to much attention to PSO.

I'll skip decade and jump to 2010 WCOOP, when I took 4K finishing 99th in a 3000 field. I was in TOP 10 by chip count. For 14 hours I have managed to keep my discipline and then for some stupid reason I have decide with no need at all, deep in my chips to steel a bit from a small blind, just for fun purposes. Four and seven. Big blind followed. Flat call. He was covering me.

You know already the rest of the story. Abridged, flop came out 4, 7, J. He had JJ, I was out, as a donk. I can swear that at that moment in my mind, I could seen myself turning into a donk, like in those old cartoons with Bugs Bunny. 14 hours, hey! So close to 100K +. TOP 20 chip count!  Anyway, that is when I decided to stop playing.

Half a decade later, due to various 'issues' in my life, like getting divorced, being redundant in both marriage and job, I have found myself in a what you may call inconvenient $5-a-day-to-live situation. With my savings getting shorter and facing $2-a-day-situation in a matter of months.  Since I have been working most of career in PR and internal affairs and as I am not much of a handcraft kind of guy, not too suitable for manual labor either (I never understood  why they call unskilled manual jobs like that, when you need to have SOME kind of a skill), I knew I had to do something with my brain to make a living. Poker was an obvious choice, wasn't it?

Ok, it is May 2014.

Less than 6 months ago. Bankroll: $0

Story with PSO begins, as the nerds from PSO marketing department intended to be – I have tried to get my $8 dollars bankroll start-up and get away and give a shot.

I was sure that I  knew enough and I didn't need any more lessons about poker.

While I was trying to explain to support staff  who explain that I am not eligible, why I NEED to get that money, that “there must be a some mistake” etc., I have started to digging into a forum and other parts of the site. Since I couldn't get my $8 through the promotion, I was determined to get it another way. Few freerolls later, I saw the League prizes and I was thinking this could be an answer.

So, I started to play, with moderate success, enough to get into TOP 25% of OL most of the time, but I saw that something is missing. Day by day, I was understanding more and more. I was gaining too much negative points by being out too early, due to too often all-in actions and callin marginal hand in pre-flop. It wasn't long and I was in PSO training, learning poker wisdom form Dave (TheLangolier), XFLIXX and others.

In parallel, I met again good old Mr. Sklansky, found a torrent with 162 other poker books, leared “How to kill Phill”, explored Jennifear's MTT Push_Fold Charts, learned 2-4-rule and basic pre-flop odds and soon I saw myself climbing step by step in PSO Open League Leaderboard. a piece of my library

The most important - I relized  that I know nothing. There is a luck factor in poker, but then again a lot of that "luck' is predfined by self dicipline. And csome knowledge. Get a library for your self. And start learning.

In a month or so, I have found my self in a situation to get into The Big Bang by being in TOP 400 three consecutive times in a PSO OL tournaments. Oh, what a disappointment is when you go out 456th in a third consecutive tournament. You cannot imagine. But then again - this is what gave me further motivation to learn even more and get myself disciplined even more. The League and The Big Bang especially, simply makes you to play shorter range. It is incredible how you, through thousands of hands, learning day by day over your own mistakes.

My biggest winning so far

To cut a bit – all this resulted in major winning in august, just three months after I've started hanging around with PSO trainers. I was 3rd in a the Big $11, cashing some 6.5K. Overconfidence made lose 2/3 of it in a month by playing $215 with sharks.

Fortunately, I've spent some 2-3K on some beautiful Greek island in August/mid-September, left some deecent amount for my banroll, gave a shot with few hunderds on Full Tilt and decided to take the next step.

Again from scratch, but his time with more experience and being even more cautious about my overconfidence.

I thought that I knew. Now again, I know that I dont know nothing.

This is why I don't miss a single training any more.

When I came back from my vacation, in September, I've started to play OL again and managed to get to Premier in 14 days.

I have decided to make another trip - from smart to wise.

Now I am in Premier. Even better experience. Incredible. All seams to paying off now. Field is much tougher, but there are less donks and much less opportunity to get out from players who would go all in with 4-7. Skills are getting the most important point. It is not a lottery any more, like early stages of OL sometimes are (a bit of advice - Just skip it, I mean multipots all in in a first hour, if you don't have bullets).

Currently, I am 34th, going off to play my next tournament. Tonight I will go for a live session with ahar010 to get some hints on Sunday special which is my next goal.

It worth every minute – believe me. See my winnings and stats in poker-trackers improving last months if you don't.

9K earnings (1.5K profit in PS +2K in other sites) in a two-month effective play, most of it because of PSO,  their trainers, The Big Bang challenge and the Leagues. And knowing of knowing nothing.

And the most important thing is that I dont have to write blogs for getting the Big Bang ticket, I can earn one on my own by playing the OL still here and there.

Although it wouldn't hurt to get a stamp either - maybe I'll have a bit more luck in the Big Bang by qualifying through gettin a stamp.

Just for bragging.

The next blog you may expect in January (this one is mainly inspired by POKER BLOG CHAMIPONSHIP ), since I am about to visit some Slovenian mountains this winter, after winning the Premier League in December

Good luck at the tables. just don't forget - keep learning. Know that you don't know. Yet.