In September will be four years since I had my biggest win/series on PS and since I have stopped playing hold'em.



Dear MonoPolygamy,

You finished the tournament in 99th place. A USD 3,224.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

It was 1000+50$ buy-in WCOOP event and I have managed to get there starting with 0.00$.

I have earned almost 5K that week.

But the twist is that, after 4 consecutive days of playing I have manged to get to this cash - THROUGH FREEROLS.

I havent played poker ever since and will try to do the same now in SCOOP. this blog will be about my journey as far as it goes.

Basic strategy - 135 added tickets system would get me to SCOOP or I will do my best to get some money from PSO 3.30 MTTs and from there thru MTT (I preffer 5 tables), to gain at least enough funds for 215$ [MID]

This blog will be about it. Have to run now - first freebuy for 3.30 turnament is starting.