same again today get a good run in a couple only to lose it later to the all in donks it just confirms what iv'e always known you can't beat the all in idiots . its a shame because i know im a reasonably average player with some minor talent occasionally for a long while, but i cant even beat the bad players . im sure im not the only one to be at the recieving end of a 63 off suit idiot when u got AA and lose .it just happens 8 out of ten times when the odds say it should be that you win 8 from 10 . now im a muppet or there is something wrong with the random card generator (ie its not so random ) hey but dont bother telling stars i tried they aint interested . too much money in it for them to start picking holes in it (roflmao)
so if anyone has a way to even the odds let me know because i would be flabberghasted to hear