My boyfriend has been an avid poker player for years now, and I had always been the semi-interested spectator, cringing at the sounds of "¡chucha madre!" ("mother ****er" in Spanish) and smiling as I heard "yes, yes, yes!!!" screamed from down the hall. Today, I decided it's time I take the bull by the horns and shake my money makers. I'm a self-proclaimed Internet junkie (I've been an Internet marketer for years), and am good with numbers. So, the marriage between Mona and poker seemed to make sense. The game is intimidating at first, with all that snazzy lingo, i.e. fourth street, flop, frog eyes, etc., not to mention the massive amounts of money that are often at stake. But, what's the fun if there's no challenge?!? Currently, I'm waiting for my 3rd tournament ever to begin on PokerStars, a NL Hold'em - TURBO. I'm starting small, but watch out world! ;-D 10 minutes to go... I'll let ya know how I do!