This is the first post of my blog. In my blog I'm mainly share my thought about poker, sharing hand and describe some intersting hand history, also, it's about my 2013 poker goal.



First post is tough ahh.. I want to share a hand below,

It was zoom table 0.1/0.25 full ring, I pick up KQo in middle position, I raised to 3 BB and get called by hero +1 and the BB,

The flop comes 9h 10s Ks which gives me top pair with a good kicker and a gut shot straight draw.  BB had checked to be, I should bet out here as I have a good hand. But before I click the bet button, I sense some dangerous, the board actually is very wet, with two suited cards and there is a possibility which someone flops a straight!

Since I don't want the pot grow so fast that I may uncontrollable on later street I decide to check, Hero +1 bet 0.75 which is a very small portion to the pot which BB reraise to 2.25.

Now what? It is obviously my hand need a improvement at least against BB, probably with a non flushing J turn to give me the straight, to feel more safety, (AQ is possible but seems not likely). With such slim out I am easy lay down to give up the pot.

Let's see what happened. ">replay hand_id=392962 type=ps title_id=2 showControls=1 themePath=table_PS_560x386.jpg lang=en gameEntity=0 hash=B3CB8F52C5]

Someone would acutally flopped a straight and the other got a set. When you decide to make a bet, analyze the board structure and see if you sense any dangerous.