I havent had as much time as I would have liked to play.  Having said that i've had some fun.  I went on something of a downswing and busted out in around 8  MTT SNG's in a row.  I would have to say at least half of these were some pretty bad beats.  I distinctly remember getting rivered on two occasions by the same player when I had the best hand until that card. 

Oh well I guess that's Poker and it keeps me interested.

I decided to switch gears a little and play some 6-Max SNG MTTs and I monied 3 times in a row with 2nd, 2nd and 3rd place finishes, so i'm back where I was at around $75 before my downswing.

I hope to be playing at least 1 SNG per day, I feel like my game is improving and i'm analysing the situations I find myself in a lot more.

I might start using Poker Office too, does anyone know if that is OK to use with poker Stars?  I gather it uses your own hand histories to build profiles on players to aid in decision making.

I hope to be playing at least one MTT per week like the $2k Guaranteed.

I have learned some more things these past few days like basic odds in association with things like :

high pocket pair vs low pocket pair =  4/1
Dominated Hand e.g Ak vs AQ =   3/1
Severely Dominated Hand eg AA vs AK = 10/1
High os cards vs low os cards = 2/1
Low pocket pair vs under cards = evens

Still trying to commit these to memory.

I know most of the in game odds like the 2 and 4 rules and bet to pot odds.  Some of my understanding of balancing needs work but I will just keep working on these things.

I'm finding the lower limits really enjoyable to play.

See you at the tables!