We all want to win; I mean even when we play play-money games we still want to win. However, I would say that I play more for fun then to win. I don’t go for broke, playing to win. Often I will set a goal for myself and try to meet it. Usually I aim to at least place and then go as far as I can. If I do well I will try to win, but I have been known to stop playing when I stop having fun.

I am not driven to win at all costs. I don’t play and play until I have no money left, desperately trying to get the big score. That is not to say I don’t play until I have no money left, lol. It just means that I play as many games that I can within my budget. When I run out of money, I start playing freeroles. I don’t expect to win every game, or even place every game. I just try to make my bankroll last as long as possible.

I think I am this way because I know I am not a great player, and I don’t have an endless supply of money. If I thought I was a great player I might have a different mindset. Then I would expect myself to win, to go after the big prize. Knowing my skill level does not stop me from making mistakes but it does keep me from playing beyond my means trying to win my money back.

Playing poker is entertaining for me, not a way of life or a job. Would I like to win a big pot, yes, who wouldn’t? Do I go into tournaments expecting to win, no but I sure do try to win. I have been finding that I get frustrated with some of the other players. I have been learning how to deal with that, and improving my game. I now understand why some players call all in and raise all the time, even without a hand worth calling. I am learning my weaknesses and what to do about them. Who knows, maybe with more experience and some luck I might just win a nice chunk of change, but until then I play because I want to.