Another hard lesson learned playing in the Poker School Open Skill League – Every chip is valuable. Don’t go fishing for a real hand, fold instead. Play the great, fold the ok and bad. You may even fold the good hands when other players call all in. It is more important for me to try and get chips and keep chips then risk the entire game over one single hand.  Hand 76626125528, I had QQ I raised to two BB. AK9 hits the flop. I raise 1BB. Next card, another player calls in 3 times the BB. I fold but the damage is already done.  I am under 1000 in chips, and now will struggle for the rest of my game. It may have been better if I called a lot higher before the flop and got the other players to fold, which is what my instincts told me to do, but I did not want to risk too many chips in one hand. I tried to play right, call the right amount, but once that flop hit I figured my hand was not going to be the best one, not once people called my raise. Mind you, I might have had the best hand and someone called knowing I would fold.

When playing in the Poker School Open Skill League you should play tight. Yet the very people who are playing loose seem to get the chips built up quickly and start dominating the table, forcing the other players to put their chips at risk in order to play. Good strategy for the most part if you don’t mind going out early.

I have to keep in mind that as frustrating as it can be, it is more important that stay in the game as long as possible without risking the entire game over one hand. It goes against my very nature and I think it is throwing my game off. I am trying so hard to place that I fold a lot, waste chips and get frustrated. Once I am frustrated I make dumb calls trying to get some chips. The sad part is that people who sit out the entire game can place better than me simply because they don’t call at all. They don’t risk their chips.

Now I have to find a balance between playing tight and playing too tight. This last game I gave up hand after hand. I had pairs, AK, QQ and other good hands I folded before the flop simply because someone called all in. I died early anyway, because I played to tight I think. In this case I actually strangled my own game, and I need to stop from doing that.

Every chip is valuable, so I will not waste my chips chasing after a possible good hand. If I don’t have a hand worth playing I won’t. However, I am going to try and build up a hand as well. It may be worth it to risk my game to get the chips. It is hard to decide. I am very tired of players going all in before the flop all the time. I know it gets the other players to fold, but it gets old quick.