I think I have figured a few things out about the PokerSchool Open Skill League. It is not about winning, but placing consistenly as high as you can. The goal is not to win the individual games, but to have the highest rank posible.  A big part of the lessons that can be learned in the PokerSchool Open Skill League is to fold, or better yet don’t even call in the first place unless you have a great hand. And even then you might want to fold it if it puts your game at risk. It is more important to place high then get a lot of chips and die early.

When playing PokerSchool Open Skill League you have to change your thinking, from win, win, win to play smart and improve your ranking. I noticed that some people will try to win a few hands in the begining and then sit out. They want enough chips to last a long time and find that the best way not to risk it is to sit out.  Others are all push, push, push trying to get people to fold, and lots of people are going out, not winning. Others are tight players, trying not to take big risks, and get the best rank posible. It is interesting, but once you know how a person is playing you can figure out how best to beat them. And that there is exactly what this whole PokerSchool Open Skill League is about, learning.