I love it not because I have won big, because trust me this would be an entirely different blog it that happened. I love it because it gives me a lot of chances to play, win some money (even pennies count when you are winning), and get my confidence back without a lot of risk. I have not always enjoyed the games I have played, but I have been learning. Sometimes you have to call, even if you are putting your entire game at risk, other times it is not worth calling, even when you have a great hand. Great hands don't always win. Continuation bets can win the hand, but once you start bluffing be willing to lose what you bet. I love that one line - know when to fold them! If someone is calling all your bluffs chances are they are not bluffing. Don't bet just to bet unless you are tring to learn what the other players have, expect to loose it or fold if need be.

Mind you hind sight is always 20/20. There have been a lot of hands I wish I had called. Others I am very glad I folded.

I think it is all about what you want out of a game. It changes how you play the game. I know I want to place so I am playing tight. I think people who want to win tend to play looser and take more risks because the prize is worth it to them, even if they don't place this time, when they do place they will often win more then the more conservitive players.

I would like to win one of the bigger micro games I play. I don't think I will every be anything more then a micro player, but I would like to be a good player and start to win instead of just placing. I that is going to come with time and experience. I am learning to play better, I don't know if I will ever be a great player, but it would be nice to win some of the higher prizes. I have come in first and second in a few 10 and 25 cent games. It would be great to place on the final table or even win a $1+ game. If I could win a big pot that would let me play more games, and hopefull get better.

Rule number one - don't bet if you cannot loose what you are betting.
Rule number two - don't play several games at once, watch TV, deal with the kids or talk on the phone. You need to have your head in the game, not every where else.
Rule nuber three - have fun but don't let it take over your life. Stop and talk with friends, watch tv, play with your kids and have a life. Play for fun, win a little, lose a little but keep your life going and real. Don't let the game rule you. If the game is not fun, stop and take a break. If it becomes all you do it had better be your job. It had better give you the money you need to live off of, other wise all you are doing is working to play ( and lose the money you worked so hard for), and the game now rules you.

If you don't remember the last time you stopped and did something with your family, or spent a day away from poker you need to take a break - even if it is your job. What is the point in winning, if you have nothing else.

Money is great, life is better. I play for fun. It is my stress releaf. One day I may actually win some money at it, but that is a dream, not an expectation. I play because I want to, not because I need to.