Ok to be fair and honest I've be eager to share all my success so I must share with you all that I busted my bankroll that I worked so hard to increase over 2000%.  Must have to chalk it up to poker variance.  Plus a bit of bad luck I would say.  I decided to take my winnings and new found knowledge to the cash games.  Playing at the .50/1.00 level had been playin tight and aggressive all day long with marginal success.  Not once, but twice I had pocket AA and not once but twice did they get busted by pocket JJ.  Having got all our money in preflop only to lose both times to JJJ.  Call it unlucky or lightning in a bottle.  As discouraging as it is I've already started to replenish my empty account with freerolls and fpp games.  I have no doubt that I will be back on the plus side it may take me a bit longer but I'll keep at, using the pso school of thought.  Tight and aggressive.