well i've seen it happen in many of the PSO fr's so far, theres 9 players per table and all but 2 are sitting out and everyone has the 1500 in chips. personally if you find yourself at a table like this just say to them in the chat leave my blinds and i'll leave yours alone and then both of you's can get a healthy stack and take out the sitters. i've done this with one person once and said i'll only attack when i had a top 5 hand or a pkt pair. and sure enough i went on to finish in 5th place that night when i had a healthy stack of 9K+ near the first break. please it's easier to leave the opponents blinds when it's only the 2 of you's playin at the table and let each other build your stacks so you both can make the $ even if it's only 0.05 it's better than busting early due to people wanting to be silly.