I have been along term losing player at the micro stakes for years. I have always enjoyed the gamble of poker but never really worked to give myself an edge at the table. Recently I went deep in a number of MTT's including winning one and finishing second in another. I enjoyted this run of good luck a lot and started to think that If i wanted to succeed at poker I would have to give the game the respect it desserves and learn a thing or two.


The point of this blog is mark that journey and describe the lessons that I learn along the way. The blog will contain posts which mark my personal achievamnts at the poker table - including hitting milestones - and also describe some of the strategys that I try to emply in beating the game. It is my hope that the blog will provide a resource for others and some inspiration in coming to beat the game of poker.


My first few posts here will be about the changes I need to make to my game right off the bat. Two things have stuck out to me in holding back my poker,

1) Bankroll Managment

2) Tilt

Bringing these two under controll is my starting point on this jounrey, In the past big wins at MTT's have often dissapeard as i started playing at higher stakes, likewise going on tilt after a string of bad beats has caused me to gamble with the worst of it compounding loses.

Proper bankroll managment will be discussed in my next blog post but for now, I am going to start by depositing $30 with another $40 on standby incase i run bad. I will begin with $1.50 SnG's and grind up a bankroll.

I am choosing SnG's for a number of reasons;

The games have a lower variance than MTT's and so bankroll is protected, A lot of the maths of the game has been solved so correct strategy can be understood more easily.

My starting strategy is coming form the pokerschool online course on SnG's. I will see how this works for me and what adjustments i find profitable at the different buy ins.

The blog will chart my jounrey turning my $30 banroll into $1500. Using the 100 buy in rule I will move up the SnG buy-in at bankrolls of $350, $750, $1500 to $3.50, $7, $15 respectivly.

Another thing I want to cover are issues that new players face, for me the biggest one is tilting after bad beats. So In the begging I am going to go over some of the bad runs that I have at the tables and look at my hand histories objectivly and mathematically, to help put into perspective these bad runs. Looking at how often they can be expected and what ways you can deal with it,



So I think thats the basics of what this is going to be about. I hope the blog proves usefull some of you. and that you enjoy the journey.