Today I got a forced cash out of my PS acoount,  I was thinking the 80 bucks I had were going to be used when  PS and the government solved their differences, well apparently that isn't going to happen anytime soon, asmy cashoer button told me I had to cash out, even worse all my brief history playing PSO has been forfeited, apparently I never existed for PSO, I was so proud of my game there and now I am no longer a "player";  as I said on my letter to senators Kerry and Brown, I would be more than happy paying the taxes of the 30 stinky dollars I made playing PSO and MTT cash games, those games were my distraction being away from home, and that has been taken away.  I normally side with my government in most situations, but I ask , is playing one dollar tournaments is that big of a sin?, would you compesate my my family if I perish while driving to Atlantic City to play the game and tournaments I like? Would the enviroment be better with me driving 3.5 hours on weekends? I know I am venting, but tell me where is the justice, Genera Electric makes 900 billion and pays no taxes, I make 30 dollars and I am forced to cash my hard earn that justice?  Sincerely. MK