Well it was an interesting month for me, I had a bad start of the month, I think after the first six days I ws at 1460ish, maily because I got on my head by being more aggressive I would donk a few of the donks, well I ws wrong, I can't beat them because there is lots of them, so I went to the basics and played tight the rest of the way, that did pid off and with two  days  left I was at 116th,  and just a few points from 50 free bucks, well the 8PM wasn't kind for me as my Aces, yeh my dreade aces betrayed me once again, I did hit the trip but the caller, not a bad call KJ, got the straight, in retrospective I played bad that hand as I went al in thinking with 1000 chips left and 250 per blind was the right call, the FLOP was rag rag Ace, if I would it just called and bet after the flop perhpas my opponet would it fold, as the turn and river were sickening with Q10, the sunday 10PM wasn't much different never got track so at the end of tht dy I found myself closer to lose 15 bucks than winning the 20 I had envisioned, so monday I made the decision of calling the month, I was at 165 so I thought would be hard to crack the 100th and if I would have  bad day I would end up above 200th,  finished 172...not bad,  but not what I had in mind of being top 100, maybe in march,  if and is a big if, this time I don't challenge donks, simply as I said before lots of them around. Best of luck in March to all of you. MK