I started 2013 with a lot of energy and hopes for my poker development. And things went well in January.  $100 bankroll grew to $200. I felt my lines were correct most of the time and my reads were largely on point. I felt great!!

However, in the last week of Jan things started to go wrong. My first my computer crashed. I brought it back but lost all my notes and game stats I compiled on spreadsheet (I hadn't gotten PT or HM) so I tracking my sessions old school. And I lost it all. I got a bit tilted and went on downswing that saw me drop $150. A week later, my PC crashed again!!! And this time there was no resuscitation. I had to borrow a friend’s laptop to play the first 'Big Bang'. I remember final tabling it or at least cashing for $100. Cashed out my entire bankroll save for $0.55 and tried to put together a new PC.

It's been said, 'When it rains, it pours’ and boy did it start to pour. My personal and professional life would be taken through a seemingly never ending $*** storm that would leave me without a home and out of work and seriously reevaluating my life choices. I didn’t even get a new PC as planned so that meant I was off the game for about 5 months, save for quick and disastrous spell where I tried to stage a comeback during the MFTOPs.

I got back to playing in mid June after patching together some old PC’s. And I do mean patch, cellotape was involved. And so far, so good. I've ground my 55c into $30 over the last 3 weeks. It's not great but it's a start. My game probably has more leaks than ever. I tilt easier now. And I mean Phil Hellmuth tilt and it usually means a bust out. But for the most part I’m playing well enough to remain profitable.

This brings me to the aforementioned goals:

Mostly of goals remain the same but my $1000 bankroll target seems unattainable as I lost 5 months and I’m working with a smaller starting roll.

Watch at least 1 hr of training videos per week. Unfortunately, my low budget connection won’t allow that. So I’ll settle to watch training videos when the circumstances allow for it.

I’m still on 4 and a half books read. So I’m going for at least 1 strategy article each day.

Win the PSO Premier League at least once. (Yes, I’m still dreaming)

I am playing more ring games and they have been the biggest contributor to my bankroll. 2NL Zoom is working out well for me, so I’ll stick to that until my roll is at least $100.

Continue to work on my big pot game play. My NLHE is ok, but PLO is still subpar and will have to improve as they offer more table variety. I sometimes can’t find a decent Studs table.

*Invest in a tracking software/HUD. To be sincere, I didn’t know what this was until September 2012. I think I read a Phil Galfond article where he says that Victor Blom is probably the only high stakes player he knows who doesn’t use one.
-This will have to wait as my PC gets sluggish if try to play music when Pstars is running.

Earn Goldstar. Yes, Goldstar. I still haven’t gotten there.

Participate more in the online community. And I will to the best of ability.

Try to be centered and not tilt so easily.