As a beginner, there are a lot of things I’m going to need to start doing and a few I need to stop doing to become a better poker player.

I plan to:

Watch at least 1 hr of training videos. Fortunately, there’s enough material on PSO to do that.

Read more books and articles. It’s sad to think that I have a poker library with +70 books (I know, a bit much) and I’ve only read 5. Well, 4 and a half. I lost focus half way through Slanksy's Theory of poker.

Win the PSO Premier League at least once. (I’m allowed to dream, right?)

Satellite into a Major tournament. You know, the Sunday Majors, SCOOP, WCOOP.

Play more cash games. You can tell from the previous two goals that tournaments are where my main interest lie. In fact, I only play cash games when I need the FPPs.

Focus on big pot games. I primarily play fixed limit games, with Razz, Stud 8, Stud and Limit Hold’em being my strongest games, in that order. That said, if I plan to play more ring games, then my PLO  and NL HE needs to improve.

Find a Poker coach or willing training partner.

Invest in a tracking software/HUD. To be sincere, I didn’t know what this was until September 2012. I think I read a Phil Galfond article where he says that Victor Blom is probably the only high stakes player he knows who doesn’t use one.

Use stats to plug leaks in my game.

Earn Goldstar. Yes, Goldstar. Unfortunately I’ve never been higher than Silverstar. This mean playing more hands/hourk per week.

Participate more in the online community.

Rely less on psychology. This I think will be the hardest adjustment for me.