I am completely convinced that on PokerStars, if you put your money in the pot with the best hand you will lose. Runner runner seems to be a favorite, whither it be runner runner for a flush, straight, or even running kings to crack my set of queens. I just love when that happens, and these things have happened at least 25 times to me in the past week. My most memorable suck out of the week was for a 70 dollar pot. it all started when the dealer decided to bless me with queens UTG, I figured hey, what the heck so I raised. I was playing six handed and after i made the raise it was folded to the big blind, now this person was playing loose the whole night and was a calling station so when he called me i didn't put him on a monster, maybe a dry ace or a 10 Jack, something along those lines. Well the flop comes 7 7 10 and the action was checked to me so i made a decent bet, about the size of the pot, and I got a quick flat call, now this did have me a little worried but I still had him on 10's up. On the turn is where things got a little interesting, another 7 comes. Now the only thing i was thinking at the time was i hope i don't get sea sick on this boat i just got, thinking he may have aces or kings under there, so when he led with a bet that was a little less then a 1/4th of the pot i decided to test my new theory with a raise, and guess what i got, another quick flat call. For some reason this screamed ten to me and I figured i was pretty safe for the river unless an ace a king or a ten came, but to my surprise the card that came was even better, it was another seven. It completely blew my boat out of the water and as soon as i saw it i knew the hand was coming down to kicker. Well, when the action was checked to me yet again, and I got to thinking about the hand i put him on in the beginning, the dreaded dry ace. all i could say before i checked was really PokerStars did you really do this to me again? To my astonishment as the cards were turned over he showed K 10 to out kick my queen and i had a Phil Hellmuth moment like you wouldn't believe. Well that is my rant for the day, and I appreciate you taking the time to read it.

P.S. sorry for all the gramatical errors.