Recently, I played in one of the PokerSchool Open League Tournament. I started off great with a pair of aces in one of my early hands. I was able to bust out other opponents with it. Not long after that, I was able to hold a pair of Kings. Once again I was confident to win, but I didn't go all-in yet. There was this one opponent who called my raise before we saw the flop. The flop had two diamonds that is why I was worried that he might be drawing for a flush. Then again, I thought otherwise. I still went all in, and he followed too. I saw that he was holding a pair of 2's. I was praying that no 2 will come out. Unfortunately, the turn gave a 2 and the river did not give any king. I lost much chips from that showdown. I didn't give up. I thought I'll just wait for a strong hand to be played well. The next hand I had was AK. I thought that I should gamble with this hand since I have very few chips left. I went all in. No one called except for the same guy that I had showdown with. Before the flop it was revealed that he had K2. Again, I had the advantage over him. There came the flop and it did not pair any card from us. Unfortunately, once again at the turn, there came the 2. I was praying to get an A at the river, but none came. So there, 2 is not my lucky number today. Maybe just for me because that guy is very lucky with those twos.

Getting eliminated that early will greatly affect my rank. I worked hard to get at 1995, but I guess I need to work hard more to compensate the effect of my bad finish. What I can hope now is to finish great in the next tournaments. Oh well, enough with the disappointment. I understand that unfortunate circumstancest comes to anyone of us playing poker. We should just continue and play more poker.