At the beggining i need to say im sorry,my English is not perfect,but hey,we are here to share our knowledge and experience about poker. For past about a year i was playing online poker. I was started like many people that i know and story goes like this: "Have a low payment? What if i tell you you can earn money by playing cards online?" Naturaly i find my self intrested in the game. Game was not so hard to learn,altho i was familiar with the game from the shows like "Poker afther dark" i was allways thinking like: "You need to invest a lot of money in order to play it" So as soon as i find out for online poker i started to play. I saw a rapid progress in my gameplay and undestanding of the game,so afther few months most of the tournaments i played i was in top 10-20% of the player,witch tells me that i was doing good. Since it was usualy freerolls i decide to try my luck with some real money tournaments and i made small deposid played few tournaments just to make sure that i can play with some real players (Most of you played freerolls so i hope you know what im talking about). From 4 Sundays storms i played with that deposit i made cashe in all 4 of them. I was so happy,i finaly found something im good at and i can make profit of. But,it was not all rainbows and flowers, soon afther that i was facing my personal biggest problem that i have even with today. Greed! Yes you read it good,greed. Most of money i earn on tournaments i was throwing away on casino games in hope that i will earn some fast money. To simplify it,my bankroll menagment was terable and i was losing even more then i was winning on poker. So shortly afther that i was in big dilemma: "i am a good poker player,but my bankroll managing skills are below 0. Am i really a poker player?" Let me tell you something i am not kind of guy who will sit 5 hours playing tournament just to lose and not make profit,for me this is a chance to earn money easy way by playing a game and have nice time doing it. So afther a long thinking,i decide to work on my bankroll managment and still be poker player. I know im not a person who can tell you too much about this topic so i decided to make this blong in order to share my expiriance with poker and in same time to ask you for some advice and maybe it will help me and other players by sharing this expiriance.



Good luck guys,be free to coment and thank you for your time