Since we're approaching the end of the month, it's time for an update.


At this very moment I have 2147 points, giving me a 398th position. I'm not quite happy with that. Because i'm really around that very thin line here of being in top 500 or not. At this point i'm hobbling on two thoughts.

Should I play those last games in order to get myself to a 2200 score, wich will guaranty me of a ticket, but will also pretty certainly kick me out the race if failing to obtain a good finishing position in them.

Or should i take the risk by not playing any more games and hope of being one of this month's top 500 eligible players.

The fact is i'm an amateur football player, and next season preparations just started. This leaves me the time to only play 4 more games. those at 11pm my time. The fact i'll need to play them after a soccer training could also prevent me of playing my best game by being tired. Not only that, but the unavoidable stress factor comes in play aswell. No bankroll management smiley that laughs away those bad beats, since wether those American Airlines may get me that ticket, or they can kick me out by facing a bad beat. (for at least one more month)

Whoever read my first post know's i'm off work some weeks next month, providing me with the time to play the games in PSL, and therfore giving me the opportunity to proove myself in the leaderboard. (time is money taken literally here) So NOT getting that premier skill league ticket, is not an option here.

I'll get you guy's up to date on how things go/went.

See you all tonight at the tables...............................or not