Welcome to the first part - and hopefully not the last one - of my blog. Since the start of pokerschoolonline they had some great promotions and opportunities for both, starting and experienced poker players. The flagship is without any doubt the premier skill league with its gigantic prizepool.


Of course in order to participate in this league, you have to proove yourself in the open skill league or skill league qualifier. This is the only way to get the golden ticket.

This year I planned my holiday's for august. At that moment not knowing if i were going on vacation or not. Around 2 weeks ago it was clear I would stay in this very little too rainy - too hot - too rainy - too cold Belgium. At one day I was staring at the PSL leaderboard as cows would stare to a rushing train. Then it popped up in my head. Next month I wanted to compete in the PSL.

The day after I started playing in the OSL in order to try and win my entry ticket. I looked up several previous months in order to get an idea on how many points are required to finish in the top 500, wich will give the needed entry ticket. For the record, this would be around 2200. Meanwhile I started my first games, wich learned me I would have to adapt and adjust my playing style in order to finish in better positions. For those who are interested, you can find my playing style in this post. Today, on july 21th, after playing a little more then 20 games, I am glad to announce my score is around 2100. I must admit i had some great runs. Anyway, this leaves me to gather about 200 more points to get 2300 ( I'd rather like to have some lead to be sure). No way I ever  thought to have this score already by now, but i'm definately not unhappy with it.

So, the first part of my mission is to gather enough points in the following day's in order to recieve a ticket that opens the door to the PSL. Even though my good position at this very moment, i'm aware that I still need points. Therefore i'm not on the dry yet. Some bad runs may cause panic and drastically change my performings in a negative spiral.

So in the next few days I will keep you posted on how I experience my final games in the OSL and about further preparations I may take in order to start with full confidence in the PSL, which needs a much different approach.

Premium goal for now: Reaching 2300 points by the end of the month

See you soon